Headlock Muscle Official Review: how does it work?

Headlock Muscle Growth – Official Review

HeadLock Muscle GrowthRecently, there has been a lot of buzz around a new product claiming to be the next thing in muscle growth and blood flow increase, HeadLock Muscle Growth. With former two-division UFC champion Randy Couture admitting this is what he used to gain 8 extra pounds of muscle for his role in Expendables 3, we thought it was worth a deeper look.

If you’re like every other guy out there, you’re probably looking for that one magical supplement to help you gain muscle, lose fat, get ripped and gain an edge. We’ve heard and seen it all. When it comes to the claims from many product manufacturers out there, don’t believe a word they say without taking a deeper look.

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Who’s making it and what’s in it?

For any of you that read the news, you’ve undoubtedly seen the countless investigative reports showing how many products tested at Walmart that don’t contain the ingredients they are supposed to. In fact, a simple Google search will show you just how many of the top brands out there have failed testing protocol.

With that in mind, the first thing we considered was can you trust it? Sure enough, Headlock passed the first test. Turns out this product is manufactured in the USA by a facility that is FDA registered and GMP compliant. I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking into a supplement that I plan take, it’s sure as heck not going to be something manufactured out of a plant in China with no regulatory oversight.

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What’s in HeadLock Muscle Growth?

The next thing we need to consider, is it safe? What are the main ingredients in Headlock Muscle Growth and has there been enough scientific evidence to show they work? After looking over the active ingredient list, headlock passed our review once again.  The ingredients are all well-known and well-studied. Their main ingredients are Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root and Tribulus Terristris. With a quick search on any of them you can find all the information you need to know.

What do their customers think?

Check out their site HERE, and you can see for yourself. Their customer before and after pictures are more than a little impressive, it’s pretty clear to us with the celebrity presence that these guys are on the cutting edge of fitness and performance.

Headlock Trial Offer

This is our favorite thing about Headlock Muscle Growth and something we’ve not seen from many top manufacturers in the space, they actually let you try it for the price of shipping and handling without paying the full price up front. Only if you decide to keep it do you then pay the full price. It’s impressive to see a company that believes in their product so much they’d take that risk. Click this link for access to their trial offer:

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So what’s the bottom line?

After looking at several factors, we are impressed with Headlock Muscle. We like where’s it made, we like the testimonials we’ve seen, we like the well studied ingredients and we like that they stand behind their product.

Who are We?

For any questions you have about the company itself, it’s best to ask them directly as we are not owners or related in any way to the operations of this or any supplement company. We are simply lifelong gym enthusiasts, athletes and professional review writers. We write reviews for products we like and products we hate. As reviewers, we 100% only recommend products that are safe to use, backed by science and products we’d use ourselves. We are also affiliate marketers. If we like a product we contact the company directly to get an affiliate link to be compensated for our work.

How to get a hold of HeadLock Muscle?

For existing customers, you can visit their website (headlockmuscle.com). For those wanting to talk to the company directly they can be reached via phone at 877-907-0240.

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